Our Mission

To inspire the best in humanity – kindness, generosity,
hope for a better future – to achieve the best for everyone
on this planet. No one left behind.

To inspire the best in humanity – kindness, generosity, hope for a better future – to achieve the best for everyone on this planet. No one left behind.

Our story

Often we get asked, what gave you the courage to start OmniRaise?
I think it comes down to three things.

Our Founders – Luke Heffernan (Left) and Aaron Norman (Right)

There was a clear need. NGOs need funds and marketing campaigns to the public are their lifeblood, yet there was no agency dedicated to supporting their marketing needs in Asia. Over half the world’s population live in Asia, so it was clear if they were going to achieve the most impact possible for their causes, NGOs here needed help.


We had a vision to change our industry – and grow it! In starting OmniRaise we really wanted to raise the bar and had a vision to do fundraising differently. If you look at lists of the most admired companies in the world, it’s dominated by technology or consumer brands – but why isn’t there one known and admired in fundraising and marketing? We wanted to build a company people would love and be proud to work at, creating formidable impact in this world.


We had the support. The conventional wisdom is don’t mix friends and business. Maybe that’s true for some -but we’d been working together in fundraising since uni, and had been friends and colleagues for over 15 years. Starting a business can be hard – staring over the cliff – but we were in this together from the start.

Our Timeline

April 2018
May 2018
Jan 2019
June 2019
September 2019
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
September 2020
December 2020
October 2021

Thailand Launches…Our first team meeting

Launch our first programs with UNHCR and UNICEF from Bangkok

Launch our second market – Malaysia

Thailand expands with a new Chonburi office!

Setup operations in Singapore, beginning of our regional approaches!

Lockdown begins in Malaysia, our entire face to face operations shut but we move people to telemarketing

Lockdown hits in Thailand for 6 weeks, but we adapt to the challenge, retain all our people, and keep supporting our clients thru the difficult period.

Hong Kong launches!

Digital marketing team launches first projects!

Telemarketing into Australia launches!

OmniGive is born, our new platform bringing companies and charities closer….

OmniRaise Korea is born!

OmniRaise in Numbers


people working
across Asia



1 M
people reached via our campaigns each month
1 M
USD in revenue generated by our campaigns annually

Our Partners

Our People

Corporate Social Responsibility

Leave No One Behind

We work to impact as many people as possible, and that means going places not many go to in our Corporate Social responsibility work. We chose to help small, local grassroots charities who don’t have the resources or infrastructure to work with us on marketing campaigns.


It’s our corporate social responsibility programs that make us strive to be our best selves every day. Being a fundraiser is not just about raising funds. It’s about truly wanting to make a change – no matter how small – in someone’s life. And we make sure we do that every day.


Our continued fights
against COVID-19

Our Malaysia team volunteered to create a CSR project to provide the essential supplies and things in need in collaboration with SUKA Society and National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). Our CSR projects and their impact are driven and initiated by our people. The goals are to support both children and the frontliners in Malaysia.

For Suka Society, a shortage of food banks for impoverished families and refugees with lower incomes could be expected due to the pandemic. We provided items aid and care packages for the COVID-19 which they need for children and families.

For NCSM, we wanted to support the Children’s Home of Hope and the frontliners who are working hard to provide home vaccinations. With the limited support, they need the help to sustain and provide for the families at the Home of Hope. So, we brought supplies they need such as rice and foods, medicines, face masks, adult coloring books, and more to help them! By easing the burden, NCSM could focus more on providing support for the children and their caregivers.

Malaysia, we’re with you!

We want to express our support for all Malaysians impacted by the recent floods. Seeing all the incredible efforts of the frontliners, local heroes and NGOs on the ground working tirelessly on flood relief efforts has been inspiring to us!

As a company, we’ve tried to do what we can by giving emergency leave to our staff and setting up an emergency relief fund for them to access. Any member of the OmniRaise team can access emergency funds for their families to help rebuild.

We’re also choosing to support Mercy Malaysia to give to a 20K RM company donation fund, combined with a personal Christmas donation of 40K from our Directors Luke Heffernan and Aaron Norman to support the victims of this emergency. Every day we rely on the generosity of Malaysians to support our clients’ important causes – now it’s up to us to extend generosity back to the communities we work in.

We hope that our donation, along with the others, could go a long way to providing emergency assistance for families in need. Together we can ensure that “no one is left behind”.