We’re change makers working to
save our planet stand up for refugees end hunger
conserve the environment
protect animals save species
give children access to education
fight cancer

We’re not your average marketing agency. We partner with brands driven by a purpose and hungry for impact. We market their causes, so we can make the world better.
Marketers with a cause

At OmniRaise we’ve brought together a world class team of marketing professionals to deliver campaigns for the most reputable organisations on the planet.

We’re one of Asia’s fastest growing marketing agencies with a workforce of over 400 people and operations spanning Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Our campaigns as big and bold as the causes we represent. We reach millions of people to help millions of people, every day.


people working
across Asia



1 M
people reached via our campaigns each month
1 M
USD in revenue generated by our campaigns annually
Here’s our story so far
April 2018
May 2018
Jan 2019
June 2019
September 2019
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
September 2020
December 2020
October 2021

Thailand Launches…Our first team meeting

Launch our first programs with UNHCR and UNICEF from Bangkok

Launch our second market – Malaysia

Thailand expands with a new Chonburi office!

Setup operations in Singapore, beginning of our regional approaches!

Lockdown begins in Malaysia, our entire face to face operations shut but we move people to telemarketing

Lockdown hits in Thailand for 6 weeks, but we adapt to the challenge, retain all our people, and keep supporting our clients through the difficult period.

Hong Kong launches!

Digital marketing team launches first projects!

Telemarketing into Australia launches!

OmniGive is born, our new platform bringing companies and charities closer….

OmniRaise Korea is born!

Our Mission

To inspire the best in humanity – kindness, generosity, hope for a better future – to achieve
the best for everyone on this planet. No one left behind.

The World’s most reputable organisations Believe in Us

Raising the bar:
what our clients say

OmniRaise has worked with UNHCR since August 2018 and is a valued partner providing face to face services and telemarketing services and now also a corporate giving solution – OmniGive – to UNHCR. They have performed well and I am impressed with their senior management paying attention to client’s requirements and making sure appropriate implementation is in place to deliver quality service. The company’s strength is their strong leadership, the high level of motivation of their staff, and appropriate training programs in place to support UNHCR’s programs.

Arunee Achakulwisut
Private Sector Partnerships, UNHCR Thailand
Our Work?

Our goal is run campaigns that build sustainable funds so our partners can achieve long-term impact.

From field marketing, to digital marketing, telemarketing, or business to business marketing, we offer a “one stop shop” for the marketing needs of the most reputable organisations on the planet.

Field Marketing
We’re taking fundraising further.
Shot Team (6)_1
Tele Marketing
Creating an unseen but meaningful emotional connection
Corporate-Engagementbg1 (1)
Digital Marketing
Build real relationships online
acc1 (1)
Corporate Engagement

Harnessing the power and potential of people in companies


is everything for us

OmniRaise was born from a culture of belief and change. We believe in good. We don’t just talk, we also walk the walk. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and put our hearts in what we do every day.


We are guided by our core values, and in everything that we do, we strive to give nothing but our best to our partners, while having each other’s back.

We believe in people and their growth

We are only really good at what we do because we have really good people working with us.


Our promise to all OmniRaisers is that we believe in them – just like how they believed in us – and we will help them grow and succeed.


Joining OmniRaise should be a career changing and life changing experience.

1 %

Internal hires for promotions

36 months

Average time to first promotion
in OmniRaise

1 %

Average jump in earnings
once people progress

Some of our people across the Region

What our team say about us matters

Kaewkanjana Phoyoo

Business Development Manager

Having the opportunity to work with OmniRaise makes me very proud. Because we could pass on “the feelings of being a giver” we get every day to many others as well as making Thai society a true giving society.


Regional HR Director

Apart from supporting the biggest NGOs in making the planet a better world for everyone, there’s no middle management; founders and employees work together, so you learn from the best.

Dave Lee

General Manager
South Korea

OmniRaise is all about the culture and staff. Seeing development of our people gives me a sense of empowerment while working to solve the world’s urgent causes gives a huge sense of achievement that is hard to find in other jobs.

The year 2021 marked three years that OmniRaise has acknowledged and celebrated International Women’s Day – where we recognise and appreciate the amazing work that our female staff members have done – and continue to do every day.


It’s why OmniRaise has succeeded in just three years – because the only thing that should matter is a person’s ability and skills. We are continuously working to achieve a gender-balanced workspace while at the same time creating an environment free of discrimination for those who identify as non-binary.

Diversity & Inclusion

What better way to highlight how diverse and inclusive we are than to be able to say that we practise this. Every OmniRaise workspace is a safe and equal space, and we are committed to making a positive difference for our people. It’s what makes us unique, and it’s why we succeed.
Remember, just be you – We’ve Got Your Back.

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