Back in August 2016, when I was still Marketing and Fundraising Director for WWF Singapore, I got invited to visit WWF Malaysia. Our Singapore team had been growing quickly and their Fundraising Director at the time was really keen to partner and work out ways we could increase the impact for conversation in the region together. I was still new to Asia and excited to visit another city and meet more colleagues, so quickly took up the invitation. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur a month later, I was immediately struck by the openness of it — after being in Singapore where everything is so tightly contained, there was so much more space. It felt more like Sydney – home – than anywhere I’d been in Asia so far. The other thing that struck me was that everyone was so nice. Genuinely helpful, warm, and honest almost to a fault! Everyone was down to earth – no ego or pretension. The only thing my Malaysian colleagues had any pride about was their food – but later at lunch (and again at dinner), I learned that pride was well-earned!

Once we arrived, the WWF Malaysia team started sharing about their challenges with their fundraising. They used to be recruiting 12,000 donors a year through their agency. That number had dropped to 10,000 the previous year and they were tracking at 8,000 in the current year. They’d tried in-house but couldn’t get it to work. They had the will but the organization wasn’t set up for mass recruitment – HR couldn’t support them with the systems or structures they needed. They were excited to learn what we’ve done in Singapore but I could also sense their frustration – I could see on their faces that things would be hard to change in the Malaysian office. They were curious as to how we’d grown to 80 phone and face to face fundraisers in a year in a country 1/6 of the size of them when they were stuck at 5 in-house fundraisers after nearly 2 years. They’d tried telemarketing too but it bombed – they said the results were embarrassing and wondered if maybe telemarketing didn’t work in Malaysia.

Then I got to meet their conservation people. One of their top tiger experts had never seen a tiger. I didn’t need to read about the declining Malaysian tiger numbers to know things were getting urgent. I met people working on freshwater programs. I met people restoring the wild forests of Borneo and realised this was a country with so much richness and biodiversity – something truly worth saving. Months later too I got to take my team to visit Melacca and the turtle guardian program. We met the rangers who patrol the beaches all night, putting their lives at risk in the face of poachers to ensure they keep the turtles and their eggs safe. They were humble local people who believed the biodiversity and amazing species like the hawksbill turtle were worth saving. But they were also struggling for funding. I could see they needed better equipment and more staff to make this program work. Poaching is big business and you need the resources to match the poachers in a fight.

These experiences – as well as some of my other conversations across Asia – brought me back to the big problem at the heart of the NGO industry in Asia: more need than ever, but very little capacity to fundraise to address that need and achieve the change and impact we need to see in the world. Our efforts to lift up the Malaysian in-house team I’m afraid weren’t enough. We certainly tried. We even sent Joel to KL for a week. The team doubled performance in the next 3 months but just couldn’t grow the headcount still after he left and they had to take over recruitment again. Without the HR and broader organisational support systems in place – over which we had no control – I realised Joel, my team, and I could never have the kind of transformative impact this team needed. In the end, after a few months of thinking, I realized I’d one day I wanted to come back and really help out my old colleagues. That was really the idea, the genesis of OmniRaise.

Just over 2 years later I came back and set up Omniraise Malaysia in Jan 2019. So it’s now been 2 years since we started in Malaysia – the second country for OmniRaise. OmniRaise Malaysia started with Dave in an office of 4 on his own for the first month, and I joined about a month later. Aaron stayed back to hold the fort in Thailand and I focused fully on getting Malaysia off the ground for a few months. It actually wasn’t easy at the start. Our first 3 staff members- Events, HR, our F2F Team Leader, all left within a few weeks. It was a hard pill to swallow when they resigned because we’d invested so much in bringing them to Thailand first and had so much hope for the team. Our telemarketing Manager also resigned on his second day – telling me: “I’m really sorry, I think what you are doing is amazing here but I just can’t get on the phone again.”

I also had one of our first telemarketing clients turn around and tell me 2 weeks in that this was not what they expected. They tried to negotiate a new financial model (even after signing a contract with a different one) that would have put us out of business. I said no, and walked away – as I knew we needed the right clients as much as the right staff if we were going to be successful. I won’t lie – I was worried as I had no other signed contract and already 3 staff in our office on the phone. It would have broken my heart to let them go 1 month in. But things always have a way of working themselves out: thankfully we had our second telemarketing client – WWF in fact – sign a few days after we cut ties with our first client. Things were pretty hands-on. At one stage I was doing street races with Dave on the weekend. I hired everyone myself at the start, running Group Interviews – I think people were freaked out and wondered why the CEO was running group interviews – but thankfully some still took the job. I trained everyone myself and led every induction. I still remember one girl freezing up, then breaking down – refusing to read the script in my first training session. This is going to be a rocky ride!

We had a major screw-up with our client 3 weeks in – a once-in-a-lifetime kind of screw-up made by one of our new team members. We dealt with it as openly and managed to recover things – but I did wonder on some days….. what next?! But then there were so many little steps even in that first month that gave us hope. We might have lost all our events and recruitment staff, but we had Dave. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and told me: “let me take care of recruitment and events, and you can focus then on getting out and doing what you do best in the field.” On his weekends he even came down to work in the field with me. You might not all know this but actually our best-performing site and spot in 2019, The Curve was actually a site secured by Dave in his brief time as events Executive!

My first day was a struggle to get 1 signup – but thankfully the second day I got 6 on the street with Dave. Our telemarketing Manager left, but he also gave us the best parting gift – Kavitha – who I promoted to Manager from TL on her second day. While we lost 1 F2F Team Leader, Hadi stayed with us. He’d never done this before but was humble as anything, and worked alongside me with determination every day to make this work. Even as we lost a lot of our other management staff we had the core from which everything else could grow. I’d never believed 2 years later, after that rough and rocky start, that we’d have grown to where we are today. As of today more than 220 staff. Soon to be 5 F2F clients, 7 telemarketing clients, 4 digital clients and a new workplace giving platform OmniGive ready to launch by March! That we’ve achieved this, in spite of us operating for half our time in the midst of a once in 100-year global pandemic, is all the more incredible.

More importantly than this, what makes me proud is to see the 30+ leaders groomed in the last 2 years who will groom, no doubt, another 60—70 more in the next year. If we can achieve our big dreams this year, and grow, we’ll have doubled the income raised for charities in Malaysia in just 2 short years. In the last 2 years, we’ve raised more than 25M RM in funds – which within 3 years should bear more than 75M for our charities when you take into account the average lifespan of a donor. In 2021 now we’re poised to raise 45M, almost double what we’ve raised in our first two years, or 135M RM when you consider the 3-year donation to our partners. And whatever happened to my friends and colleagues at WWF Malaysia? Well, today they’re down to 6,000 donors a year now from in-house and their existing agency, half of where they were 4 years ago. But this year, through telemarketing and F2F, OmniRaise should recruit more than 7,000 new donors for them, maybe even more. They won’t be so reliant on one source of funds, and they’ll have more funds than ever for their important work.

Backend team

The best businesses usually solve a really hard problem. And we’re really helping to solve that problem now I saw many years ago. We’re helping make the world a much better place, starting every time our fundraisers get the courage to wave to a donor on the street, or pick up the phone. And we couldn’t do any of it either without our incredible support teams – HR, Events, Data, and IT. After all, the WWF Malaysia story shows that a good, dedicated team of fundraisers is never enough to make fundraising successful. It takes a whole village.

Leaders thats leading from the front

Thank you to everyone for your incredible efforts in our first two years. Particular thanks to our management team – Dave, Kavitha, Joel, Victor, Liz, Balkish, Aizat, Rabi, Anis, Eeda and now Gordon, Zaki, and Daniel. You’ve worked with only remote support now from Aaron and I in the last 11 months – but you’ve all flourished beyond any of our expectations. I can see every one of you treats OmniRaise as your own – and I hope this filters down through the veins of OmniRaise. We hope that sense of ownership, of mission, of service to the charities we represent continues for many years to come, and that everyone continues to work with urgency, integrity and humility every day. Let’s treat every day like day 1.

Let’s keep inching up that bar just a little, every day too. There’s a lot riding on us.

Thank you everyone for your part in this story of OmniRaise Malaysia so far.

Happy 2nd year anniversary everyone – we’re so proud of what you’ve all achieved.

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Omni Got Talent

Hey guys, how are you all? I hope everyone is doing great at this time.

“Forget the risk and take the fall if it’s what you want then it’s worth it after all”.

Dave Lee

General Manager

Dave has been involved with the fundraising industry since 2008. Dave has worked across over 40 different NGO accounts in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. He’s worked in numerous roles – leading teams telemarketing fundraising teams, managing data, handling IT platforms – but now he’s joined OmniRaise to get back to his roots of fundraising on the ground and leading teams. He now leads one of our largest Face to Face Marketing teams in Kuala Lumpur, which has grown to over 20 people. Known fondly as the “Korean Lion”, he is one of our star fundraisers who always lifts the results wherever he is. He’s also a much-loved leader who relentlessly supports and develops his leaders and fundraisers. His deep experience in fundraising and knowledge of the industry also makes him a “go-to” person for many people across the team from our HR to our events to our Data team. He plays a very supportive role across the Malaysian operations and has been a key success factor in our growth there to date.


Why did you join Omniraise?

Sales and Marketing (Fundraising) for NGO’s is unlike typical sales roles, and due to its nature, it requires an individual with not only operational and management experience. But, also a deep understanding of fundraising and what client’s needs are and I feel that I can contribute this knowledge and skillset to better serve the community and raise funds for the world’s most urgent causes


Why do you love working at Omniraise?

I love working for Omniraise because of the culture and staff. Seeing the development of other staff gives me a sense of empowerment and also working to solve the world’s urgent causes gives a huge sense of achievement that is hard to find in other jobs.


I’m a foodie so I love exploring different cafes and trying out different food.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Balkish Pryadhashiny Theagarajan

People Operations Manager

Balkish came from a Psychology background, graduated from HELP University in Bachelor of Psychology. Early on, Balkish worked in different roles ranging from a waitress to a teacher before finally joining Shopee as an intern where she was promoted to a role in HR.

However, her passion was always about serving other Balkish always dreamt of being a representative for the United Nations and she felt she found what she was looking for in Omniraise.

Why did you join OmniRaise?

At the age of 19, I wrote on a small piece of paper saying that I wanted to represent the United nation in any way that I can whether directly or indirectly. Also not many think about “building” a career in the service line. There is always that thought that to give back you need to be rich to do so and if you start your career of being in the service line you can’t have a proper lifestyle. When I found Omniraise I just thought it is a match made in heaven not only o can be in the service line but i can’t build a career out of it the same time, as a bonus, they happen to have UN as their client. So I leaped at the opportunity of leaving my stable job from Shopee Mobile and started from scratch as a F2F Fundraiser here in Omniraise.

Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

Working here I’ve learned that it’s not just about dreaming to succeed, but having that clear vision to find it, the courage to get on it, and the perseverance to follow it. So dare to dream but get ready to work for it

Your favorite causes

Growing up with a younger brother that has Down Syndrome any cause that helps parents and those who have special needs will always stay dear to my heart. But being someone who is an animal lover and loves to be children, WWF and Unicef are some of the many organizations I look up to.

Personal Motto

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Your hobbies

Loves any sort of sport, flag football, hiking, football, and Family time!

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t,
you’re right.”

Aaron Norman

Co-Founder & Director of Digital, IT, Data and Compliance

Aaron’s passion for fundraising started in 2006 when he joined a fundraising agency in Sydney, Australia. He quickly progressed from a fundraiser to coach, team leader, and beyond. Within 4 years he was managing up to 100 staff, with 12 direct reports across two countries (Australia and New Zealand), and achieving some of the strongest Telemarketing results across these markets. After 10 years of working in fundraising in Australia/New Zealand and obtaining the role of General Manager for Telefundraising Operations, Aaron decided to broaden his experience and move to London, UK. It was here where Aaron fine-tuned his skills working with Amnesty International UK and most recently, holding the position of Global Telemarketing Specialist for Amnesty International Secretariat.
As Global TM Specialist for AI Secretariat, Aaron worked across markets in Europe, Americas, and Asia implementing new TM strategies, launching Inhouse teams, and focused on the continued improvement and increased performance of Telemarketing as a whole, this was achieved by working closely with all channels – Digital, DRTV, and F2F. Most notable due to Aaron’s direction and input, multiple markets in Amnesty International improved their Telemarketing performance with their largest market (USA) tripling results and revenue compared to the historical performance..

In 2018, Aaron and Luke set up OmniRaise with the determination to raise the bar for fundraising in Asia. Supporting organizations to meet their growth goals, allowing them to focus on delivering the highest possible impact.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

After working with Amnesty International across multiple regions I found that Asia had a clear gap for quality fundraising agencies. I wanted to create an organization that could support all charities in meeting their growth goals and strengthen proven channels that continue to allow charities to deliver effective

impact. On top of this, I can support the next generation on fundraisers. I originally developed my fundraising skills working for an agency and was able to use these skills directly within an organization/cause I care deeply about. I hope fundraisers who work with OmniRaise eventually go on to help strengthen the entire sector with the skills they develop here.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

For me, there are three key areas I love about OmniRaise:
1. The fact that I come to work and raise funds for some of the best causes. I feel like I can directly make an impact by increasing the reach of amazing organizations.
2. I support the growth and development of talented individuals, seeing them develop their professional and personal life. It’s amazing to see the transformation people go through as fundraisers.
3. The team culture and sense of purpose from everyone at OmniRaise is inspiring and continually motivating. Being part of this energy gives me constant motivation to push and develop my own skills.”



Traveling, food, and monopoly deal… in no particular order.

Gordon McCrindle

Regional Client Services Director

Gordon started off as an outreach worker for the UK’s The Prince’s Trust and represented them as an Ambassador at high level fundraising events as well as working alongside The Department for International Development on projects in Northern India, before beginning his fundraising career in Scotland, where he progressed swiftly within the industry. He has also worked in Australia and New Zealand as a fundraising consultant for NGOs, before joining the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Malaysia, where he was the Country Operations Manager for face-to-face (F2F) and delivered exponential and sustainable growth over almost four years. Today, a lot of the strategies implemented by Gordon have now been expanded and adopted to form the basis and best practice of regional F2F teams for UNICEF. He has worked closely with neighbouring UNICEF Country Offices in the region such as Indonesia and the Philippines and is regularly approached for his expert insights. After four years in Malaysia, he took up a posting with UNICEF India, serving as the F2F Operations Specialist for a year in Delhi. Gordon’s expertise in fundraising has seen him presenting on fundraising in Croatia, Portugal, and Thailand. He is widely regarded as one of the best fundraising operations managers in the industry with extensive experience of the region. Coupled with his love for charity and social work, Gordon will bring a fresh perspective to client management, and is passionate about providing the best service to our clients and their stakeholders.


Enjoying football and boxing. Active in CrossFit, and loves to go on food adventures with his fiancé and their dog!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Tan Wui Li

Regional Financial Controller

Wui Li has over 12 years of experience in finance and accounting. Wui Li was a former Big 4 Audit Manager with experience as a Financial Controller with key accomplishments such as successfully listing a Construction Company in Bursa Malaysia, involved in merger & acquisition, obtaining financing, and overseas expansion of a food distributor.

Instead of continuing my path with large MNCs, I chose the path of becoming a trusted business partner/advisor to entrepreneurs to help them corporatize their business and bring up the standards of finances, team, and policies to another level.

Wui Li is a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia with the following educational background:
i) FCCA (Fellow Chartered and Certified Accountant under ACCA)
ii) First Class Honors Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University
iii) Certified Investor Relations (“CIR”)


Why did you join OmniRaise?

The challenge of setting up the regional finance functions as well as overseas expansion.

As we continue to expand OmniRaise throughout Asia and grow our existing businesses, we are able to help key customers such as UNICEF / WWF / UNHCR / Greenpeace reach out to the untapped Asia market and contribute towards a greater cause. This will also open up opportunities for us to tap into new customers as more companies will look to outsource their fundraising team/marketing/sales team because the cost to maintain an internal team becomes more expensive.

Also, my mom survived cancer and is free of cancer for more than 10 years. Thus, it felt right to contribute towards an organization that helps raise funds for the National Cancer Society Malaysia.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

Knowing that I can make an impact whether it’s the improvement of processes, providing financials that bring meaning to users of the financials, overseas expansion, tax planning, mentoring / guiding team members, etc.


Your favorite causes:

WWF and Malaysia NGOs (Rumah Hope, Woman’s Aid Organisation, and National Cancer Society Malaysia)



Personal Development (podcasts, books), Travelling, and Food.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”


Regional HR Director

Liana graduated as an Organisational Psychologist. Liana is our Singapore-based HR generalist with more than 15 years experience of HR practices and employee management to drive HR solutions.
Liana enjoys working at an accelerated pace and built her portfolio from working as a multi-faceted HR practitioner in Singapore from various industries such as Kidzania, Changi Airport (King Power), Bintai Kindenko, WWF, and Reebonz. She measures her success through the success of others, coming up with innovative and effective initiatives to drive people and culture strategies.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

I was inspired by the compelling vision of OmniRaise who supports the biggest NGOs in making the planet a better world for everyone. With its rigorous focus, OmniRaise has an impact few agencies can match. On the professional level, it provides me a new learning perspective since the fundraising business has a different HR concept and approach, unlike conventional HR practices.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

Founders and employees work together; there’s no middle management, so you learn from the best.



Diving, reading, and watching documentaries

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do”.

Kavitha Mano Karen

Head of Telemarketing

Kavitha has 10 years of experience in Tele Marketing and customer experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center industry. She graduated with a Diploma in Pharmacy from the local university. Kavitha started her career working as a call center agent in one of the leading BPO Company SRG Asia Pacific. After 2 years she was promoted to be Team Lead and given the privilege to lead a team of 15-20 staff. She was quickly progressed to Senior Team Leader. Kavitha is a result-driven person when it comes to sales and is approachable due to her warm personality. One of her key strength is engaging with people and she loves to bring the best out of people


Why did you join OmniRaise?

NGO like OmniRaise is a challenging field of work and the reason I joined is that I love to challenge myself in this kind of field and it will give me the opportunity to embrace myself in the future. OmniRaise is a multi-racial company that provides me with a cross-cultural experience. I believe that this organization will take me to the next step of my life on a professional level. Nevertheless that with my experience I would like to give back to the world.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

The main reason I love to work in this place is because of the people and the environment. My leaders are very supportive and provide me with all the support that I need; also they make sure that I am comfortable with my profession. The positive vibes around the office make it happier to come to work on a daily basis.



Watch movies, going for a short vacation, and spending quality time with my family.

“There are only two types of people in this world. Those that take from the world and those that give to the world. I chose the latter. As Mahatma Gandhi once quote, we must become the change we wish to see in the world.”

Victor Lim

Head of Face to Face - Penang & Jahor Bahru

Victor has been engaged with non-profit organizations since the age of 21 working in the slums of India and involved in a few relief efforts like the 2004 Tsunami. In 2013 he founded Fingate Foundation a non-profit financial literacy organization and was actively teaching across India and south-east Asia. With a Degree in Psychology and years of working in extremely poverty-stricken areas, Victor recognizes the significant roles of NGOs and NPOs in alleviating human sufferings from political, social, cultural, and environmental impact.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

OmniRaise plays a substantial role with its partners that brings actual transformation to this world. Having a humanitarian heart, I can greatly multiply my contributions through OmniRaise’s well-developed platforms. As a F2F Manager, OmniRaise provides me with unfathomable training and opportunities to expand my growth, not just as a professional in the corporate field but also as a human being in this world.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I love working in OmniRaise because of its great culture that flows down from its directors. Everyone gets equal opportunities to learn, make mistakes, grow, and progress. Even in its pioneering stages of incorporation, OmniRaise develops well organizational structures in all its departments and continues to seek excellence as a world-class company!


I enjoy working out at the gym and hiking. Playing musical instruments and sing. Backpacking and diving.

“No pain, no gain, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.

Liz Pak

HR Manager

Liz has more than 10 years’ experience in HR and non HR roles. She started her career in customer service and moved to HR generalist after she completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is well experienced in HR operations and helps the organization cultivate new culture. Liz is experienced in recruiting and mentoring salespeople. She always works hand-in-hand with the sales team to bring up company revenue. Liz enjoys working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. She likes changes and ready for changes in any part of the HR process.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

It’s simple, I read the company’s mission and vision. After finding out more information about Omniraise from social media, I can clearly see how my goals align with the purposes of the company. Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of my own personal values, and I remember feeling excited that a company values the community as much as I do.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I love diversity, it means I am always learning. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed.


Reading, jogging, traveling, and blogging. And, I love everything related to art & creativity

“Do the right thing even when no one is watching you as Integrity brings you places and wonders. Respect is earned thru integrity.”

Rabiya Wyne Nwe Oo

Face to Face Manager

Rabiya came from Banking and Jurisprudence Background. Prior to OmniRaisem, she worked as Senior Executive in Cognizant and Google Malaysia for a year and a half. In addition, she also has her diverse work experiences as Sales Executive in Multipurpose Insurance Company, as well as supervisor at Tealive.

Why did you join OmniRaise?

OmniRaise has career progression/growth opportunities for everyone with various different backgrounds. Just like every OmniRaise, the reason lies in the desire to leave an impact and make a difference in various social groups that need our constant and continuous support. Huge passion in humanitarian and environmental causes.

Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I love working here because of the supportive and encouraging teammates. Also, we all are able to represent the world’s leading humanitarian and environmental organizations. A the end, OmniRaise provides room for personal development and growth.

Your favorite causes


Personal Motto

“Do the right thing even when no one is watching you as Integrity brings you places and wonders. Respect is earned thru integrity.”

Your hobbies

Travelling, Reading and Café Hopping

“When you see a problem that’s too big, let’s step back and look again.”

Jirayut Kraikruan (O)

Event Partnerships Manager

Bachelor of Political Science in International Relations and used to work with Double A company in Buying wood manager position.


Why did you join Omniraise?

The first time I heard that Omniraise was working with a global organization. That makes it easy to decide to work here. Because I love to contribute to the betterment of society.


Why do you love working at Omniraise?

It is an organization that offers opportunities to design your way of work and constantly new challenges to improve yourself. And most importantly is a good-natured co-worker.


Your favorite causes:

The UNHCR cares for humanity in need.



Drummer of TELELLAMA band

“Have a big heart! When everything is gone in this world, money cannot be eaten”

Joel Tan

Senior Face to Face Manager

Joel has over 5 years’ experience in fundraising. He started his career from scratch with an outsource sales and marketing company in 2012. During 2015, he was recruited as a team leader with International NGO, WWF Singapore, to launch Singapore’s 1st in-house fundraising program. During his 2 years, he managed to grow and mentor the in-house fundraising team from 2 to over 60 staff with his 16 middle management staffs within a fundraising department. He also contributed to the success of field marketing/sales in the WWF Asia Pacific Region involving three short secondments to Malaysia, India, and Philippines offices. He has the willingness to roll up his sleeves and drive performance by leading from the front. Having a very structured, disciplined approach to fundraising that ensures WWF maintains a good consistency in quality and sales processes across the teams.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

OmniRaise provides a proper & structured platform that is very different from a typical corporate world. They believe in motivating and supporting individuals in terms of personal development and career growth. As a Senior F2F Manager, I gained a lot of different experiences through overseas opportunities to increase my exposure around the world.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

Being part of a big team where everyone has the same goal to be a 2nd voice for the causes of our collaborating partners. Whether it is supporting our one & only EARTH or the unfortunate around the world, this motivates me and my team to deliver even higher standards in results and take pride in the things we do.


Watching soccer. Spending time with loved ones. See people grow in life.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”

Katrina Li

Human Resource & Operation Admin

Katrina is a Psychology graduate and talent acquisition specialist with an interest in helping people to find the suitable workforces/workplaces possible.

With 4 years’ experience in both agency and in-house environments, Katrina has been helping her clients and the businesses find their perfect hires. She aims to move to HR Generalist as a learner who seek new ways to solve old problems, enablers who make others better, and value creators who help all stakeholders win.

Why did you join OmniRaise

The company vision and culture are always the main reasons for me to join a company. OmniRaise provides a loving and humanity environment for employees to work and grow together. I can see myself working here not just for the people within the organization, but making positive impact on people, communities, and environment.

Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I love working in the compassionate team with people who are always helping each other without hierarchical management. I enjoy discussing with open-minded colleagues with diversity in the workplace, which enable me to learn and improve from each other.

Personal Motto

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard

Your hobbies

Super in love with running on the track (I am still an athlete in hurdling!). I enjoy listening to music, reading, and watching movies. I like travelling to explore the planet we are living on!

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”.

Photjanart Komkhum (May)

General Manager

May has 20 years of experience in sales, consulting, customer support, and care including managing a successful sales team. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bachelor of Arts: Major in English, Minor in Mass Communication (English Program) from Ramkhamhaeng University, and completed a Master’s Degree in Language and Communication (International Program) from the National Institute of Development Administration.
She started her career working as Duty-free Representative for 3 years at King Power Duty Free (Suvarnabhumi Airport). She realized her passion in sales and wanted to develop her skills professionally. Before she joined OmniRaise, May held positions as Sales and Student Support Manager in House of Griffin Co., Ltd. and Senior Educational Consultant (Team Leader) in Wall Street English Thailand. After only 4 months as a Training Manager in Omniraise, she has made a big mark and was promoted to Deputy General Manager.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

Working in the sales and marketing industry is my passion for meeting new people. Likewise, conversations, persuasion, and negotiation skills are essential in sales because salespeople must ensure that customers understand the products and services offered. Thus, creating a sales team is something that can be challenging but also rewarding. Training and coaching are challenging as a sales training manager enhances the person-to-person connection which is necessary to gain loyal consumers. That is the reason why I joined OmniRaise.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I like to work every morning with renewed meanings and aspirations, when I know I am helping my organization become better. I feel happier when I believe that my work has more purpose and facilitates positive results. Meanwhile, working for a charity is incredibly rewarding and gives me the opportunity to make a difference and be a part of a lasting impact – it focuses on driving change and helping to improve the lives of others.



Traveling, Reading, Diving, and Gardening.

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”

Paskorn Pakdeemongkol (Nueng)


Nueng has more than 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Human Development. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering before completing a Master’s degree in Finance. He started his career working as an Engineer for 4 years at Kasikorn Bank. He wanted to broaden his skillset and develop professionally so he changed his career path to Sales.
Before joining OmniRaise, Nueng held positions in multiple international companies such as; Manager in Fuji Xerox (Thailand) and HP Inc (Thailand). He has a track record of leading sales teams of up to 100 staff across multinational organizations as well as exceeding 100 Million THB in sales.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

I have a passion for teaching and human development is borne out of wanting to help the new generation of successful young leaders and superstars and I feel that I can further develop this at OmniRaise. I am an entrepreneur by nature and I want to raise the bar of fundraising within Thai society to be a more accepted and credible concept.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

You don’t find a lot of jobs in a society where you feel like you are doing good things every day. OmniRaise provides me with an environment where I can be creative and think strategically. Working here opens up a platform for me to speak openly, think outside of the box, and exchange ideas. Our team at OmniRaise is not afraid of failure because we believe failure is a key part of success, as cliché as it may sound I believe that whoever has never made a mistake has never done anything worth doing!


Your hobbies:

Reading novels and spending time with my children, going on family trips, and exercise.

Suttirak Suriyo (Arm)

Head of Face to Face

Arm graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and initially worked in Rayong province. During his time there, he found an interest in marketing in particular face-to-face marketing. He changed his career path and worked in a marketing agency as a face-to-face salesperson for 2 years and then joined the In-house team of one of the big non-government organizations in Thailand for almost 2 years before joining Omniraise.

Arm started his career in Face to Face as a trainee however with his drive, tenacity, and commitment he was quickly promoted to Sales Manager in OmniRaise within 1 year. Arm currently leads a team of 30 staff under his leadership.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

I can see that there is a great opportunity and career growth in OmniRaise. I also believe that OmniRaise has a great management team, one that I had never come across in other companies. I also think that OmniRaise will experience more growth and that it provides various support and development for staff to enhance their knowledge, skills and experience. OmniRaise doesn’t treat their staff as just employees but more like a family.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

I love working at OmniRaise because I feel like I am part of a family and not just working for a company. If a great company culture where it not only provides a lot of professional support but offers a lot of company engagement activities like awards, regular company dinner, staff party, and outing. I am happy that I am part of this organization where we can grow and scale together. I’ve recently been assigned to support one of our new clients, Greenpeace and I feel extremely proud to inspire the public to save the world.

Sirirat Wutthiyanon

Senior HR Executive

Jam has nearly 4 years of experience in HR in various functions from onboarding specialist in visa & work permits, to general HR in payroll, recruitment, or labor law. Prior to OmniRaise, Jam worked at a big Logistics company in recruitment and advanced her career to HR Business Partner in just a couple of months to manage employees and develop HR solutions, which requires effective handling in multiple tasks, and fast-tracking and planning of HR processes.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

OmniRaise opens my world in so many ways. When I first read the company’s vision, it has broadened my perspective towards NGOs and our value that gives me “challenging goals to work here”. At OmniRaise, I have gained more professional experiences in HR and I could become a great giver or consultant at once. I always love the challenges in this career path with this company; I can totally see my development and huge achievement here – not only for myself but the world too.


Your favorite causes:

I love helping animals – especially dogs. I’d love to be a part of helping them have better welfare.

Kaewkanjana Phoyoo (Lookkaew)

Business Development Manager

Lookkaew has diverse experiences with leading companies in Thailand, from education, to executive recruitment, and to consulting for organizations. These contributed understanding and insights across industries, especially people and cultures in an organization. Lookkaew is graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kasetsart University. During her 4 years in college, she has been representative for the faculty in various key activities. With the passion to work with people and her critical thinking and communication skills, she started her career as an educational consultant at Wall Street English. With her dedication to solve the problems and inspire students, within only 8 months Lookkaew had been promoted to a senior consultant and responsible for the branch’s team members.

After that, Lookkaew got the opportunity to work in an executive recruitment agency where she gained solid knowledge and insights by working with those in management positions, from retail, consumer goods, real estate, logistics, and to transportation. These experiences formulated “the perspectives” of the management, understanding the turnover issue from employee and employer angles. Before joining OmniRaise, she worked for a large organization reputed in executive development for more than 28 years. She expanded her knowledge by closely working with the executives from industries like financial, energy, medical device as well as a state enterprise. She learned the significance of people development especially in the currently disruptive world and the trend of prioritizing executive’s skill development despite their prior experience and skills for ever-changing world situations.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

From my experience across industries, every organization focuses on improving their people, business, and companies; they sparked my greater interest to work for the improvement of our larger communities. And there are challenges and inspiration in the works every day. Having the opportunity to work with OmniRaise makes me very proud. Because not only we work to help our society and the world, we could also pass on “the feelings of being a giver” we get every day to many others as well as making Thai society a true giving society.


Your favorite causes:

Every project that is made in society is all the causes that I care about whether it is human rights, education, or the environment. Because in every cause what they lack is “Opportunity” that I see if today we could be a part of providing this to the society in need. I am ready to do whatever it takes.

“Fall down seven times,
stand up eight.”

Luke Heffernan

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Luke has over 15 years’ experience in fundraising. He started his career as a fundraiser at university and worked his way from the ground up to senior fundraising and marketing management roles in Australia. In his time in Australia, he was GM for Australia’s largest phone agency, launched a start-up corporate giving platform which became the fastest growing platform for employee giving in Australia, and set up a new branch of a fundraising agency in NZ. His most recent role was based out of Singapore, where he was Marketing and Fundraising Director for WWF. In his time there, he grew WWF’s marketing team from one of the smallest teams in the network to one of the largest in the world with 100 staff. He doubled revenue in 2 years also contributing to regional growth in face-to-face fundraising revenue in offices like the Philippines, Malaysia, and India. In 2018 Luke set up Omniraise with a vision to raise the bar for fundraising in Asia and build a next-generation agency that will attract the best and brightest to become fundraisers and marketers for the NGO sector in Asia.


Why did you join OmniRaise?

NGOs are looking to increase their impact and raise more funds than ever for their cause, but there’s a lack of experienced marketing agencies in Asia to provide that expertise and capacity to generate funds at scale. Most of the fundraising dollars have been raised from Europe and America in the past, but Asia is the next big thing for fundraising. At the same time, I can see young people yearn for more meaning and purpose in their careers, and I see fundraising as one of the best careers to meet that burning desire for purpose and to make a difference.


Why do you love working at OmniRaise?

First and foremost, it’s our people – I love seeing people grow and achieve great things for our partners. Everyone shares a sense of purpose and fun. I also love the diversity of people we can work with across our offices in Asia. Seeing the impact our work creates for our clients keeps us inspired every day.



I am a bit of a fitness fanatic – cycling, swimming, crossfit, running – and now venturing into Muay Thai boxing! Food, reading, and travel are my other hobbies!